Donate to the LifeStory Institute

My wife, June, and I started LifeStory in 1991 with the goal of helping people write about their lives.  Broke and a little burned out but even more
wanting to work on a novel, we stopped after ten years in 2001, but re-started in 2006.  

LifeStory has never been a cash cow, to say the least.  I am a writer and writing coach and I've yet to prove my business acumen.  In fact that
particular acumen probably will never come my way. So far as being a writing coach and teacher I don't really teach people how to write "well"
(whatever that means) but I do try to teach them to write and enjoy it.  My theory is that if they can attain to that level, then they'll become just as
good at writing as they need to be.  

But we were talking about money.  LifeStory costs about $4,000 a month to run.  Half of that is a salary for me, $2,000, which works out to be
about $15 an hour.  (I work fulltime but in LifeStory directly only about 3/4 time.)  This is fine for an old man like me who also gets social security
and has a wife who runs a contracting business.  But the fact is that for several years I have not made anything, money wise.  Often I haven't
even made the cost of printing and mailing LifeStory.  It's not so much that I'm no good as a marketer, it's simply that there isn't much time to do it
after all the writing and editing are done.  More and more, subscribers and members of the LifeStory Instittute have contributed to help keep the
project going.   LifeStory is a print magazine, an online website, and a travelling workshop going all over the continent to libraries, museums,
senior centers and other places to bring the idea of narrative writing to everyone.  We would like to do more and more teaching right here on the
farm, the physical LifeStory Institute.  Having classes here, putting interested writers up for a few days, having some seminars and even some
fun together....Well, why not?  For years people from all over the country have come by and spent a few hours with us.  Now let's get together
more.  Remember that song we sang in glee club in school, Ach die Lieber Augustine?  "Oh, the more we get together, together, together...the
happier we'll be!"