LifeStory Magazine, an e-mag sent to you free as a pdf (portable document file)  is now (from about March 1, 2015)  funded by donations
rather than subscriptions.  If you had a subscription or have made a donation before then, you will of course get the pdf version of LifeStory
but not, however, a print edition via the US Mail since there is none.  You are also entitled to free editorial consultation as you may require.  
Just get in touch: 785-564-1118, or email

Obviously LifeStory Magazine, though now free of the heavy burden of printing and paper and postage, still has expenses for office
equipment, space, etc., as well as something for our labor. It is still a fulltime job for both of us, so please be as generous as you can in your
donations.  Perhaps if you consider the value to you of the writing that you were and are able to do because of encouragement and
assistance from LifeStory, you could make a donation commensurate with that.  
Another way you can help the Cause is to send us the names and contact information (and of course emails) of your family and friends whom
you think would enjoy and profit from LifeStory.  We’ll be happy to put them in the database to receive LifeStory free.  (Of course, if they
choose not to receive it, they can always click on “unsubscribe,” and they will be removed from the list.)