What happens in a LifeStory Workshop?

Most LifeStory Workshops are about two entertaining hours long.  They are, and are meant to be, fun and
exciting workshops in which people discover that they've been very good writers all along, and the best way
to get started is simply to join with friends and start writing and sharing what they've written.  Charley, an
experienced writer, writing coach (MFA in narrative writing from the famed Iowa Writers' Workshop) and a
former university professor with his wife, June, present these entertaining and instructive workshops.  They
have given hundreds of them all over the USA and even in Canada.  There are four parts to every workshop:
an introduction to the basic elements of narrative writing for autobiographers, personal historians, memoirists
and journalers; then, second,  a request that the participants give narrative writing a try and read aloud
(voluntary, of course) their results; third, a quick course in how to keep the writing going, never drawing a
blank or succumbing  to the dread disease of writer's block; and fourth, a discussion of the ways to publish
and otherwise disseminate to your family and friends what you've written.  

If you want a LifeStory workshop in your hometown...

Just call us (785.564.1118) and we'll work out a date and place.  We have done workshops in large cities
(Edmonton, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Kansas City, Baton Rouge, Cincinnati,
Tampa/St. Pete, etc.) and in the smallest of towns (Ashland, Kansas; Humboldt, Iowa; Nevada, Missouri).