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    From the Senior Grapevine, a bimonthly publication of Plymouth (MN) Senior Services:

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    Read All About It!
    Stop by Conference Room 1 to see the newest incentive to writing your family stories. Charley
    Kempthorne, editor of LifeStory, has given several writers' workshops here.  [At the Plymouth
    Creek Senior Center.]  Now you can read his newsletter and see how easy it can be to get
    started.  Dolly Bentson (one of Charley's biggest fans) says "Charley gave me a jumpstart to
    writing my stories and encouraged me all the way."  Learn from a master teacher, be inspired,
    and amaze yourself with how easy it is to get started.  Read Charley's newsletters.  This
    subscription was donated by Dolly Bentson.  Thanks, Dolly!

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